DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, helps manufacturers and service providers connect the virtual and real worlds of value networks to collaborate, model, optimize and perform.

3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud

Prodtex is a reseller of the Dassault Systèmes business innovation platform 3DEXPERIENCE. 3DEXPERIENCE enables industries to initiate, structure, create, control and monitor the production systems of both the present and future in one digital platform.

  • De-risk projects by designing, analysing and optimising manufacturing in 3DEXPERIENCE before capital investment.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE enables manufacturers to interact with factory processes early in the design stage and months before actual production commitment.
  • Using 3DEXPERIENCE , Prodtex can design custom apps to make processes such as robot manipulation, drilling, gluing and spot welding even faster.

As we are part of Dassault Systèmes Services organization, we excel in implementing best practices for deploying 3DEXPERIENCE within the automotive and aerospace industries. Our expertise extends to defining use-cases for renowned companies like Volvo Trucks, Scania, Ericsson, Toyota Material Handling, and other leading OEMs. We’ve established a dedicated organization proficient in providing end-to-end solutions using 3DEXPERIENCE across Body-in-white processes and streams.

In a typical BiW project, we assist customers in formulating the requirements for 3DEXPERIENCE usage by defining various use-cases. Subsequently, these use-cases are transformed into storyboards, outlining step-by-step processes. This work can later be developed into tailored training material, aligning precisely with the specific needs of the customer.

Customer stories – Locomachs

As part of the LOCOMACHS research and development project led by key European playeers in the aircraft industry, Prodtex needed to improve the efficiency of the wingbox assembly process and the entire assembly line for an aircraft wing.

Locomachs Prodtex Customer Story

Dassault Systémes 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collaborative platform that merges several leading software solutions like Catia, Enovia, Simulia and Delmia into on single platform. With this platform companies can design, simulate and optimize all while collaborating in real-time, reducing the lead time and decision making.

With a single, easy-to-use interface, it powers INDUSTRY SOLUTION EXPERIENCES, based on 3D design, analysis, simulation and intelligence software in a collaborative interactive environment. Every part of your organization in your company – from designer to manager – that help you, in your value creation process, to create differentiating consumer experiences.

Training in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

As Dassault Systémes Certified Service partners we provided a broad training scope within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, delivered by qualified engineers.

Training and education in the 3dexperience platform and delmia
3DX Workflow Lifecycle

3DEXPERIENCE for Body-in-White

As we are part of Dassault Systémes Services organization, we can deliver best-practice in the deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE  for automotive and aerospace industry. We have defined use-cases for companies such as Volvo Trucks, Scania, Ericsson, Toyota Material Handling and other OEM’s. We’ve built an organization to deliver turn-key solutions for using 3DEXPERIENCE in the Body-in-white processes and streams.

In a typical BiW project we can pertain in the definitions of use-cases, where we help customers formulate the requirements of the 3DEXPERIENCE usage. We then transform the use-cases into storyboards where the step-by-step processes are defined. This work can later be made into training material suited for the specific customer needs. Our 25 years background in robotics gives good understanding how to deliver a working solution for the factory people and processes.

Prodtex have 3DEXPERIENCE certified staff on all topics within the Body-in-white for both aerospace, automotive truck- and automotive car industry. Examples: Infrastructure Architect, Solution Architect, Aerospace.

From concept to reality:  How Digital Manufacturing enabled a breakthrough in Laser Welding

In this case study we show how the 3DEXPERIENCE DELMIA digital manufacturing toolset was utilized in the innovate UK funded e-tau laser welding project.

We demonstrate how 3DEXPERIENCE can be used throughout a full project lifecycle to reduce the costs and risks of physical trials and demonstrators.

In this demonstration video we showcase offline programming, ergonomic analysis, virtual commissioning, assembly simulation, discrete event simulation, parametric kinematic devices and much more.