Prodtex are the exclusive worldwide distributor of BoxJoint. BoxJoint is a modular fixture steel system for flexible and robust work holding and is suitable for welding processes, machining, assembly processes and other frame structure applications.

The BoxJoint solution joins beams in a construction without the need for welding. The system provides a solution for assembly of steel, aluminium, fiberglass or carbon fibre beams in complex constructions. Beams are joined together using standard plates, bolts and nuts. The bolts are pulled with high torque to give a rigid friction joint, which is equal in stiffness to a welded joint.

In order to ease the design of a fixture with BoxJoint there is also a plug-in to Catia V5 BoxJoint Design Tool where the user can go from initial design all the way to generating a bill of materials for the entire fixture.

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Boxjoint Strengths

  • Highly flexible
  • Easy design
  • Complete reusability
  • Re-use of fixture components
  • No welding or other hot work
  • No Stress relieving
  • Short lead time for parts
  • Relaxed tolerances until the final
  • component pickup location
  • Easily adapted to design changes