The Flexapod is a reconfigurable fixture unit profoundly used for holding parts during assembly. The parallel mechanical device consists of base plate, six legs and a top plate. On the top plate is mounted a tool changing unit to attach flags, pickups or metrology probes. The unit can either be positioned using external metrology devices or a robot. Other names for these type of devices include the Stewart Platform or Hexapod.

The unit can be integrated into the BoxJoint system or positioned directly on the workshop floor on pedestals. Flexapod 6 comes in three different sizes and has been developed to meet the aerospace industry tolerance standards.

The Flexapod 6 has been integrated into Catia and Delmia V5 to enhance the design time of your assembly tooling fixture.

Flexapod strengths

  • 6 DoF range in a large volume
  • Positioned with external metrology systems or with a robot
  • Adjustability +/- 200mm in all 6 DoF

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