Prodtex are the exclusive worldwide distributor of the Shimbox. The Shimbox is a device for manual adjustment of the 6 DOF locations of tools or other components in a beam structure. This technology enables users to apply the principles of shimming to their fixtures whilst maintaining a flexible and reconfigurable concept.

The device consists of three plates: a top plate is adjustable relative to a bottom plate, the bottom plate is attached to a beam in the structure firmly, the third plate is used to fasten the bottom plate to the beam by means of bolts. The height adjustment and the correlated two angles are set by means of three setting nuts, acting on the top plate via spherical washers. The lateral position and its correlated angle are set by two setting screws. The position in the remaining lateral direction is set by a third setting screw. The device also includes five further setting nuts and three setting screws, which are used to counter lock the top plate firmly in the adjusted position. A laser tracker or other 6DoF measuring device preferably can be used to guide the operators setting actions.

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Shimbox Strengths

  • The design is compact, simple and robust
  • Different sizes can be chosen according to a modular series
  • A trained operator will be able to set a Shimbox into a new pose within a few minutes
    • Adjustability System M16: +/- 7mm in all 6 DoF
    • Adjustability System M10: +/- 5 mm in all 6 DoF