TFS Unit

The Tooling Flexible Support (TFS) is a 6DoF adjusted configurable pickup used for several assembly fixture applications mostly in the automotive and aerospace industries.

The unit has been developed to meet the demands of a more challenging industry with short lead times both in design and hardware manufacturing times. The support has been developed for short distances and narrow passages that other tripods cannot reach. The flexible support may be equipped with the same end functions as our tripods. When fixed, the support has the same stiffness and strength as solid aluminium. Our flexible supports are used by our clients for measurement, assembly and manufacturing processes.

The unit comes in three sizes: TFS50, TFS30 and TFS20.

The TFS units is fully integrated in Catia and Delmia V5. To quicker design and configure the units certain application software’s has been developed.


Prodtex offer the following standard end effectors:

•Bush/Slotted Bush
•Manual Clamps
•Vacuum Cups
•Zero Point Clamps

The TFS wrists can be replaced to suit either a threaded or non-threaded pickup. In addition to the standard end effectors our customers can use their own custom made end effectors.

For more information please contact or submit a request below and we can send you our full reconfigurable technology catalogue.