Thanks to a wide range of products and services designed for the aerospace industry, Prodtex participaited in the EU project LOCOMACHS (Low Cost Manufacturing and Assembly of Composite and Hybrid Structures). The project, included 31 companies in the European aerospace industry, had a budget of 33M € during 3.5 years, and was led by Saab AB.

In order to increase the competitiveness of the European aviation sector it is important, to the overall process of assembly / production (including design and some manufacturing), to become more time- and cost-effective. The assembly techniques and the processes used today are not necessarily effective enough to meet the demands of customers in the next generation of composite-based aircraft. They will become a bottleneck for the manufacturers if not addressed immediately.

“Prodtex has an important role in LOCOMACHS which is to visualize how future composite wings can be built. The simulations Prodtex generates will show how most of the technologies developed in the project streamlines the building, and contributes to challenging the global objectives. “Saab is delighted that Prodtex has been included as one of several small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the project” says coordinator Maria Weiland.

Prodtex delivery of the project included the creation of a virtual factory in “DELMIA 3D Experience”, and the production and delivery of new, flexible assembly equipment, supported a new construction philosophy developed within the project.

“I’m excited and proud that we are part of this internationally interesting project and that our deliveries include a combination of both software and hardware; what we do best,” says Henrik Kihlman, Partner and Head of Development at Prodtex.


Henrik Kihlman Head of Development Prodtex, Tel: +46 731558102,

Maria Weiland Coordinator LOCOMACHS, Tel: +46 (0) 13 184158,