Prodtex have been delivering reconfigurable tooling & fixturing solutions to the engineering community for the past decade, driving the transition long lifecycle, sustainable manufacturing hardware. These modular flexible solutions have enabled our customers to produce their products cheaper, faster, to a higher tolerance and in a more sustainable way. But why stop at the fixture?

There have been increasing demands for a completely modular, flexible cell and so Prodtex have developed BoxJoint reconfigurable modular flooring to satisfy this need. It utilises the proven strength, flexibility and quality of BoxJoint as the basis for a reconfigurable floor which will allow easy installation of a fully flexible manufacturing cell into existing premises. This solution provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of the flooring at any time, move the floor to a new location and mount your production fixturing directly from the floor structuring providing a pre-set level surface for the fixture and increasing the fixtures rigidity and modularity at no extra cost.

Modular Flooring Setup

The BoxJoint frame structure is complemented with a variety of modular plates for mounting different automated solutions, or to create a safe working environment. A modular ramp can be attached at any point of the fixture to provide access to the cell and different fencing solutions can be installed to comply with safety requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the BoxJoint reconfigurable modular flooring system please contact Peter Helgosson.

Modular Flooring Details